Volunteering at HYC.....

Want to spend a day on the water, learn about sailing while seated in the best spectator seats? Volunteering at Humpybong Yacht Club is fun! Come and join us on Sundays as a volunteer. If you’d like to help out on a regular or intermittent basis, please email us at sailing@hyc.net.au

What to expect:

As a volunteer, we need help to set up the sailing activities, participate in the running of the event (on a rescue boat or on a start boat) and then assist with the clean up afterwards. As we run a number of different events, your time at the club may vary. Here’s what our various sailing days look like: 

  • Green Fleet sailing:
    • Green Fleet Racing - 9am to 2pm (on the water approx. 9am to 2pm)
    • Junior Fleet Clinic - 9am to 2pm (on the water approx. 9am to 2pm)
  • Main Fleet sailing:
    • Club Championship - 10am to 4pm (on the water approx. 12 to 2pm)
    • Club Point Score - 10am to 4pm (on the water approx. 12 to 2pm)
  • Regattas:
    • 8am start to 4pm (it’s a longer day but great fun)

Volunteer training:

For those keen to volunteer on a regular basis, the Club's policy is that all volunteer training is paid for by the Club. That includes ‘powerboat license’ training and ‘registered safety boat officer’ training. HYC also runs a number of in house Australian Sailing accredited courses (such as Club race officer training) and also sends members to Yachting Qld to complete advanced training.


Volunteer Co-ordinators:

Please get in contact if you’d like to help out or have any questions.                       

Lachlan Dunn       

Email us at sailing@hyc.net.au


For our club members:

Humpybong is a true volunteer sailing club that relies on volunteers to make the sailing happen. While we are always aiming to attract people to the Club who want to participate in ways other than sailing, there are never enough helpers to go around. The Club therefore needs to also rely on our regular sailing members to volunteer on the water.

To ensure that the keener sailors do not jeopardise their standings in events such as the Club Championships, they will be scored as on duty and receive one point only for the races they miss. 

The Club therefore needs our regular main-fleet sailors to volunteer a minimum of 3 times throughout the year on our regular Sunday sailing days on a rescue or start boat, to help fill positions on the water. Plan ahead and nominate your volunteer days in advance. Take a look at the sailing calendar and volunteer schedule on our web site or on the pin board downstairs at the club. Then contact our volunteer co-ordinators to have them confirmed in the volunteer schedule.








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