CoVID-19 Management Plan

The Humpybong sailing program is back to normal with some restrictions mainly off the water. We are operating under the Australian Sailing and Queensland government guidelines for CoVID-19. 

Our CoVID-19 Managment Plan is available for download here.   HYC CoVID-19 Management Plan      It is now part of our clubs operating procedures and is applicable to all on and off the water activities.

The plan sets out the conditions under which people are able to attend and particpate in any activity at HYC. It covers who is able to attend, what hygiene and separation measures are expected of people before and during their time at the Club and the measures to help us protect people while they participate on and off the water. These include:

  • Self assement of your state of health and persoal hygiene requirements
  • Our obligations to check that you are healthy to attend
  • Social distancing and limits on numbers of people in the different parts of the Club
  • Procedures for preparation for sailing activities
  • On the water and post sailing procedures
  • The organisation and respnsibilites at the  Club for monitoring and checking compliance

Unfortunately, to enable all those who wish to sail, we are having to limit access to the club's facilites to non-sailors and spectators. People other than sailors will not be permitted in the yard and rigging areas and access to the Clubhouse must be restricted. Failure to comply with the operating procdures will put at risk all activities at the Club and so non-compliance will not be accepted. You may be asked to leave the premises if you do not comply.

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